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The ideal of law:

Kantian tradition
in the doctrines on justice
of the XXth century
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The monograph considers and analyzes the tradition of moral philosophy coming from I. Kant in its application to the problem of just law, i.e. just social order. The author reveals the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the characteristic issues of the relevant methodology. For this purpose, the teachings of prominent thinkers of the twentieth century are studied: R. Stammler, P.I. Novgorodtsev, G. Radbruch, J. Rawls, J. Habermas and O. Hoeffe. The advantage of the Kantian (deontological) approach to the issues of justice in relation to competing approaches is argued.

For students, graduate students, teachers, as well as all those interested in the philosophy of law.

The first edition was published in 2017, the second (with changes) in 2021.


Shaveko N.A. Pravovoi ideal: kantianskaia traditsiia v ucheniiakh o spravedlivosti XX veka. Monografiia. - 2nd ed. Moscow: Prospekt, 2021. - 368 p.

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The Philosophy of Law by Rudolf Stammler


The monograph is devoted to identifying the main provisions and  features of the philosophy of law by R.  Stammler, determining the connection Stammler's doctrine with others doctrines and its significance for the subsequent development of the philosophy of law.


For students, graduate students, lecturers, researchers, lawyers, philosophers, as well as for all those interested in the philosophy of law.


Shaveko N.A. Filosofiia prava Rudol'fa Shtammlera. Moscow: Infra-M, 2018. - 177 p.

The materials  of this monograph were tested in the following works:

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