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Normative Problems of Democratic Theory


The monograph concerns some basic normative issues arising in the contemporary democratic theory. The author compares the democratic ideal with its undemocratic alternative and comes to the conclusion that democracy is not always the best form of government. Contemporary models of democracy are analyzed. The aouthor argues that none of them can serve as a basic normative model for a democratic form of government. Some basic institutions and mechanisms of democracy are examined. The author defends the thesis that the institutions of direct democracy, for all their ambivalence, contain some potential, but the institution of elections today can hardly be considered the main and even more indispensable attribute of democratic governance. In conclusion, the author touches on a number of practical problems that pose a threat to democracy in the contemporary world, including globalization, technologies and populism.


Shaveko N.A. Normativnye problemy sovremennoj demokraticheskoj teorii. Moscow: Prospekt Publ., 2023. - 288 p. 

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